Practice Areas


I have experience in many areas of law which you may encounter. If you are not sure whether or not you require legal help, feel free to contact my office. I will offer you a free initial consultation, and even if I am unable to provide you with assistance, I will provide a referral to a highly qualified attorney. 

Here is a list of my main Practice Areas:

I.  Elder Law  - I am a passionate advocate for the elderly, providing assistance in any number of legal issues we may encounter in our older age. I make house calls, in case you or someone you know is unable to leave their place of residence, for any reason. A few areas of my expertise include Nursing Home Abuse; Elder Abuse; Elder Fraud; Accidents and Injuries; Insurance Claims; Medicare and Medicaid Issues; and Social Security Issues. Also, if you have not made your will yet, now is the time. 

II.  Wills and Trusts  – I have provided peace of mind to many individuals and families, who now know that their final affairs are in order. I can help determine whether it is in your best interest to have either a will or a trust. I have experience in Preparation of Wills and Trusts, including Estate Planning, Charitable Giving; Property Assessment; Division of Assets; and Annuities/Trusts. 

III.  Insurance Law  - I can assist you in Filing Insurance Claims, including those made in ‘bad faith’ (if a claim was denied and possibly shouldn’t have been). Also I can help you or your loved ones find proper compensation for accidents and injuries. 

IV.  Employment Law  – Employers often abuse their freedoms as business-owners. Even if you’re not sure if your employer has crossed the line, it is often best to seek advice from someone who knows and can fight for your legal rights and remedies. I can be of assistance if you are facing Wrongful Termination; Employee Benefits Issues; Discrimination in the Workplace; Sexual Harassment; Business Compliance Issues; or any other possible legal matter regarding your employer or place of work. 

V.   Medical Law – Many legal issues occur when dealing with doctors, hospitals, and our health insurance providers. I can assist you in many issues, including Medicare/Medicaid; Deciding Power of Attorney; Healthcare Proxy; Organ Donor Issues; and Filing an Advanced Healthcare Directive (making near-end-of-life decisions easier for the doctors and family, when you may not be able to make the difficult decision yourself).

VI.  Small Business Law – I have over three decades of experience dealing in most any issue you may come across as the owner of a Small Business. Additionally, I have incorporated numerous companies, such as corporations; L.L.C.’s; P.L.L.C.’s; and P.C.’s.

VII. Oil & Gas Law  – Before becoming an attorney, I worked in the oil and gas industry in Oklahoma. Much of my work over the years has revolved around Oil and Gas Law, such as Leases; Royalties; Trusts; Document Filing; Working Interests; Production; and Title Work. 

Rest assured, I bring many years of reputable experience and wisdom, to shed light on any legal issue you may encounter.